CRW Enterprises, Inc. cuts their production time in half with the 7200 Series Inserter

CRW Enterprises, Inc. provides cost-effective, hassle-free database and mailing services. Having processed mailings for thousands of businesses since 1989, CRW Enterprises, Inc. has seen a lot of changes in the mailing industry. They originally started with peel and stick labels and have evolved to:Bulk mailings and all accompanying postal paperworkList procurement and List cleaningDatabase managementConversion of databases to current formatsInsertion of magnets, calendars, and other promotional materials  When Cristel Witman, Owner of CRW Enterprises, Inc. saw that they had used their old inserter to the point of no repair, she turned to their trusted equipment and service provider, Ed Moore of Moore’s Repair Services. Collaborating with CRW Enterprises for 10 years, Ed had a good understanding of which inserter would be the best solution for the volume of mail they were producing. He proposed the robust 7200 Series Inserter and took their mailing productivity to new heights. “The pricing was very competitive,” said Witman. “The value for the quality of the machine was great.”  When they first purchased the machine, CRW Enterprises decided on a configuration with a 3 station feed tower and 2 high-capacity vertical feeders.
After the initial purchase, they saw a need for an additional high capacity vertical feeder. “It was the best decision we made because so many of our jobs require 2 folded pieces and a smaller insert,” Witman said. “The beauty of this machine is that as we grow, we can add onto it.” The 7200 Series offers up to 11 feed stations, with high-capacity feeders, and a standard capacity of up to 2,000 sheets. The 7200 Series Inserter has opened new doors for CRW Enterprises. With increased efficiency, they have the opportunity to turn jobs around quicker. “The volume that we can handle is at least 50% more and production time is 50% faster than before,” Witman stated. In addition to a speedy delivery, CRW enterprises can now offer dynamic tasks such as flat envelope inserting. “Being able to tell our customers that we can go up to 10″x13″ is a great selling feature,” Witman explained. The step by step, user friendly, 15″ color touchscreen interface guides their operator through job programming, allowing the company to easily set up new mailings that come their way. They can then save the jobs for easy retrieval. “This has helped immensely with repeat customers,” Witman said. “It saves so much time not having to set up every job from scratch. It’s an excellent time saving feature!” The 7200 Series modular design has helped CRW Enterprises with their space issue as well. Their previous inserter was all horizontal making it difficult to move around in their confined space. “The vertical tower on the 7200 Series has helped tremendously allowing for more feeders while using less space,” Witman expressed. Value, increased productivity and advanced technology. The Formax 7200 Series Inserter has been an impactful addition to CRW Enterprises’ productivity and growth!

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