Pressure Seal Solutions

Formax Pressure Seal Solutions: Advanced, patented AutoSeal pressure seal technology has been the solution of choice for Fortune 500 companies to schools and small businesses for more than a decade. The AutoSeal equipment line provides desktop solutions used in an office environment, up to high-end production equipment needed for larger corporations. Desktop solutions begin with the economical FD 1202 entry-level pressure sealer for smaller jobs while the fully-automatic flagship FD 2056 model is specifically designed to process multiple applications with touchscreen simplicity and easy set-up.

Pressure seal one-piece mailers are the ideal solution for any business document that can be printed on one piece of paper. The reason? One-piece mailers eliminate the need for envelopes and provide a much faster, cost-effective solution than inserting equipment or folding and stuffing by hand. Pressure seal mailers have narrow bands of pressure sensitive adhesive which create a complete and secure seal when processed through AutoSeal equipment. They’re laser printer compatible and provide a simple, streamlined solution for virtually all businesses regardless of size or type. The forms are printed on a laser or impact printer, then taken to the AutoSeal pressure sealers to be folded and sealed. The result is a secure, mail-ready document which provides a professional look in a timely, cost-effective manner.


Here are just a few popular applications processed through Formax AutoSeal Pressure Sealers:

  • Invoices
  • Appointment Notices
  • Payroll/Checks
  • Grade Reports
  • Utility Bills
  • W-2’s
  • Direct Mail
  • PIN Mailers
  • Rebates and more!