Formax Cut-True 15M Dealer and Customer Testimonials

Formax Cut-True cutters are in the market and are having an impact. We recently spoke with Louis, owner of Creative Document Systems in Arizona, a Formax dealer, who purchased a Cut-True 15M cutter and the customer where he placed the unit, Healthways. When asked what he thought about the cutter, Louis–who resells similar competitive cutters–said, “The Cut-True 15M is a quality cutter.” He went on to say “I like the fact that the stand is included and the laser line is a nice touch on the smaller cutters. Laser lines are not normally found on cutters at this price point.”

Louis chose this cutter for his customer because of its high quality and competitive price point. He said he would offer this product with confidence, “I would recommend this cutter for my light to moderate use print shop; it is an affordable quality cutter.”

We also had a chance to speak with Louis’s customer, Healthways, who recently took in the Cut-True 15M to replace an older unit that they had been using. Healthways uses the cutting unit for face trimming of booklets and catalogs, creating full-bleed documents, cutting down postcards, and various other cutting needs. We spoke with Karl, the site supervisor of the Healthways in-plant print center. He said the 15M has better quality and greater accuracy than his previous cutter. “This cutter is very accurate; it gives a nice 90-degree cut even with a full stack of paper.” When asked about the features, Karl said he was pleased with the safety features and cutter arm: “The long cutter arm is a nice feature for more leverage, cuts a full stack of paper with ease.” Karl went on to say he is highly satisfied with the overall quality, function and capability of the Cut-True 15M cutter.

The Formax Cut-True Cutters are high-quality cutters that stand up to more expensive competitive models. Formax cutters are well built, ISO 9000 compliant, UL safety certified and backed by the Formax guarantee.

Louis is a Formax dealer and owner of Creative Document Systems, a local equipment Sales and Service company located in Arizona. He has been selling and servicing cutters and other office equipment for 25 years.

Karl is the in-plant supervisor for Healthways a global Disease Management and Well-Being provider.

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