Case Study: Cut-True 16M Makes a Difference for School District

The Fayetteville Public School District, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, serves nearly 11,000 students a year at 16 learning locations. It’s recognized across the state as a leader in academic excellence and teaching innovation.

We recently spoke with Christine Wilken, who has been with the district for 26 years and in 2020 was asked to run their centralized print shop. She told us how the Formax Cut-True 16M has helped with her daily workflow.

The Challenge: Cutting Accuracy and Safety

Producing finished print products for so many locations is no small feat, especially as a one-person operation. Projects include business cards, key sign-out cards, flash cards for teachers, booklets, mailings and more. To complement their wide format printer, production color printer, inserter, and mail machine, they had an outdated tabletop Guillotine cutter.

Christine said when using her old cutter, it was difficult to get an accurate cut, so she’d have to print out an extra page to test the alignment before proceeding with each project. It also had a design that wasn’t as safe as it could be for the user.

The Solution: Cut-True 16M Guillotine Cutter

A colleague suggested the district look into a new cutter, and recommended Formax cutters specifically. They chose the Cut-True 16M, which has a hardened-steel Guillotine blade, a sturdy stand, LED cutting line, and a variety of safety features.

Christine said her favorite feature is the LED line, which shows exactly where the blade will cut, so no more printing extra pages to test for alignment. She also said she appreciates the front plexi safety shield which prevents the blade from moving until her hands are safely out of the way.

She told us the Cut-True 16M is more precise and allows her to complete projects in less time, and would absolutely recommend it to others looking for a safe, accurate cutter.

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