NSA/CSS CSDSR Changes Affect FD 8730HS High-Security Shredders


NSA/CSS CSDSR Changes to Guidelines for Optical Media Destruction and Expiration of Non-Compliant Equipment Effective October 2024


Dover, NH: In Q4 2018 the NSA Center for Storage Device Sanitization Research (CSDSR) announced new guidelines for reduced end-particle size for CUI/TS/S and Classified Optical Media, a standard called “04-02.” The new standard requires DVDs and Blu-ray discs (BD) to be reduced to a particle size of 2mm edge length for all CUI/TS/S and Classified data.

In Q4 2018 the NSA CSDSR granted a 6-year grace period for agencies and contractors to make the necessary equipment change, culminating in decertification on October 1, 2024.

Please see the Q4 2023 NSA CSDSR Evaluated Products List for Optical Destruction Device Requirements to see if your product and method are affected.

Formax Products Affected

FD 8730HS       Acceptable Material: CD, Paper, DVD Usage until October 2024

The Formax FD 8730HS Paper and Optical Media Shredder is affected by this change and does not meet the 2018 2mm edge length requirement for BD or DVD storage media. If in local or central use for BD or DVD, please inquire with a Formax Replacement Request.

FD 8732HS       Acceptable Material: CD, DVD, BD, Paper

The Formax FD 8732HS is the only NSA evaluated product listed (EPL) for both Paper & Optical Media Destruction that meets the current requirements. This provides a direct replacement for the FD 8730HS and other models set for decertification in October 2024.

For more information, contact our Formax Government Support Team:

Darren Glore, dglore@formax.com

Denise Scotti, dscotti@formax.com

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