USPS Rate Changes Effective 8/29/21

Following approval from the PRC, the USPS rate increase is scheduled to take effect on August 29, 2021.  The increases are targeted at “Market Dominant” services including First-Class letters, postcards, newspapers, Certified Mail with Return Receipt, and presorted mail, along with Media, Library, and Marketing Mail. Overall mailers can expect to see an increase of more than 6% across these affected services.
Key Points for the USPS August updates:

First-Class Mail® letters using stamps will increase from $.55 to $.58, each additional ounce for First-Clas Mail will remain unchanged at $0.20.
Metered 1 oz. First-Class letters will increase from $.51 to $.53.  With a discount of 5 cents, the metered mail rate provides a 9% discount off the stamp price.
Certified Mail® with Return Receipt will increase by 15 cents, from $3.60 to $3.75, while Return Receipt will increase 20 cents to $3.05
The changes do NOT affect Priority Mail or First-Class Package Services.

Here’s the layout for the USPS Services affected by the increased rates:

To learn more about the USPS rate change updates follow this link to the USPS Delivering for America overview.



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