New Surcharges and Fees from USPS, effective 4/3/22



The USPS® has implemented two new shipping fees which recently went into effect on April 3rd. Non-Standard Fees apply to larger packages and Dimension Noncompliance Fees apply to packages with missing or incorrect dimensions. Please note that flat rate packages are not subject to fees because they already meet requirements. Just be sure not to overfill them.

What are the USPS® Non-Standard Fees?

These are new fees that will be assessed on packages which incur manual handling costs, such as when the dimensions exceed the sortation requirements.


The following fees will be added to parcels that exceed certain dimensions:


Length > 22″ : $4.00


Length > 30″ : $15.00


Cube > 2 cu. ft. : $15.00


These fees do not apply to destination entry discounts DSCF/DNDC and DDU.

What are the Dimension Noncompliance Fees?

This is a new fee of $1.50 which will be assessed on commercial parcels that are greater than one cubic foot or with a length greater than 22 inches. The fee will also be assessed if you forget to provide dimensions or use inaccurate dimensions in the electronic file.

When did these fees take effect?

The new fees were proposed in November 2021, and were originally included in the mailing and shipping rate changes effective January 9, 2022. The USPS® delayed the implementation of these fees until April 3, 2022, to provide the industry with additional time to plan and adjust for these changes.

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