6204 Series Dealer and Customer Testimonials

Whitaker Brothers, headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, is a Formax Dealer that has been selling and servicing equipment to the federal government and commercial businesses for almost 70 years. Their equipment includes paper folders, folder-inserters, and other paper handling equipment.


When Kyle Mitchell of Whitaker Brothers walked into a very prominent church just outside Washington, DC, he knew it would be a difficult proposal. The church utilized dozens of volunteers folding and inserting over 10,000 pieces of mail per month. The parishioners performed this work for free, and Kyle’s job was to convince the pastor that he should spend money on equipment to do the job instead.



Kyle led with the Formax FD 6204 Basic 2 knowing that in just a few hours, it could do what it took the volunteers weeks to complete. And during their conversations Kyle found out just how many mistakes that free labor was making. Tax records of church donations were being put into the wrong envelope and sent to the wrong individuals. Sometimes one church member would receive two tax records, meaning that another member somewhere would receive none.



The pastor also conceded that the folding and inserting job was consuming the majority of his volunteer hours. And although they worked for free, other jobs around the church, such as landscaping and cleaning, needed to be outsourced. After two months of deliberation they decided to buy the Formax FD 6204 Basic 2.



With a full color touchscreen and AutoSet feature, the inserter was programmed in about ten minutes. As the training progressed they discovered other helpful capabilities, like fold-only mode and inserting smaller business return envelopes. But nothing compared to their reaction as the FD 6204 spit out a finished envelope every two seconds. They silently watched the inserter run for ten minutes straight before their rapture was broken by Theo, a 70-year-old volunteer. “I’m gonna need to find a new hobby,” he said. Later that day, the pastor imparted to Kyle that “Everyone in that room watched the [envelope stuffing] job disappear right before their eyes. And not a single one of them was sad to see it go.”



That January was the first year that every tax form was delivered to every member on time. The doubles detection feature of the FD 6204 guaranteed that nobody was privy to another member’s giving. And with access to much more volunteer time than ever before, the pastor eliminated his landscaping contract and substantially reduced the housekeeping contract. He has even theorized that as a result of the tedious envelope stuffing job being gone, more members are donating time than ever before. As for Theo, he’s being trained to help with email correspondence so he can someday take over the church’s email account.



The Formax FD 6204 managed to save this church time and money on a job that was already being done for free!

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