Mint 110 Mailing System

Compact, Powerful Mailing System:
Take your mail to the next level with the user-friendly and cost-effective Mint 110 low-volume mailing system. Stay current with USPS mailing and shipping requirements, and save money on First Class, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express with discounted rates.

The Mint 110 uses Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI), the current USPS standard, which offers superior data security to the prior standard, Information Based Indicia (IBI). The Mint 110 receives updates by connecting at least every 72 hours via LAN or WiFi, keeping your postage rates up to date.

Getting the mail out is quick and easy with the Mint 110, which processes up to 45 envelopes per minute, and handles pieces up to 3/8โ€ thick. Instead of users guessing how much postage to apply, the integrated 5 lb weighing platform ensures the correct weight of each mail piece to prevent wasted postage. In addition to postage, users can personalize mailings with ad slogans, custom text, and more.

The Mint 110 helps you manage your mailing budget with 50 standard departmental accounts. The user-friendly interface includes a backlit screen for easy readability, and shortcut keys to eliminate unnecessary keystrokes and increase efficiency. Additional standard features include a moistener which seals envelopes in the same pass as applying postage, a catch tray to hold mail up to 10โ€ x 13โ€, a hand feeding input for fast batch processing, and a standard 5 lb integrated weighing platform.

Options include differential weighing, external weighing platforms up to 70 lbs, and 100 or 300 additional departmental accounts.

Key Features
  • USPS-based Intelligent Mail Indicia
  • Speed up to 45 letters/minute
  • 5# integrated weighing platform
  • Envelope thickness up to 3/8"
  • Automatic rate change download