FlashCard Templates

Below are the templates for the  5 FlashCard programmed jobs.  The templates can be printed to compare against your file or used in your design file to set your cards up for proper cutting on the FlashCard.  Please reference the operator manual for machine operation and fine-tune adjustments.

Printing Tip: Be sure to select “Actual Size” / “Do Not Scale” when printing the template for accurate measurements.

FlashCard Template 1 – 3.5×2 B-Card no gutter 11in

FlaxhCard Template 2 – 3.5×2 B-Card with gutter 11in

FlashCard Template 3 – 5×3.5 Card with gutter 11in

FlashCard Template 4 – 4×8 Card with gutter 14in

FlashCard Template 5 – 5×7 Card with gutter 11in

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